Piano Sales

Piano Sales and Service

Weinbach Piano - Polished Mahogany
Cristofori Piano


Type: Studio
Built: 2000-2005
Size: 45 inches
Serial Number: C200114
Finish: Polished Ebony  

Weinbach Piano - Polished Mahogany
Chickering Piano


Type: Console
Built: 1957
Size: 42 inches
Serial Number: 208551
Finish: Mahogany  

Weinbach Piano - Polished Ebony
Weinbach Piano


Type: Grand
Built: 2004
Size: 5 foot 8 inches
Serial Number: 273077
Finish: Polished Ebony 
Kawai Piano -  Cherry
Kawai Piano


Model: 902T
Type: Studio
Built: 1994
Height: 46 Inches
Serial Number: A49881
Finish: Cherry
Steinway & Sons Piano - Beautiful African Mahogany
Steinway & Sons Piano


Type: Concert Grand
Built: 1911
Rebuilt: 2017
Length: 6 Foot 2 Inches
Serial Number: 149415
Finish: Beautiful African Mahogany
Yamaha Piano - built 1961
Yamaha Piano


Model: M213
Type: Console
Built: 1961
Height: 42 Inches
Serial Number: B140727
Bohemia Piano - Polished Mahogany
Bohemia Piano


Type: Grand
Built: 2007
Size: 6 foot 1 inches
Serial Number: 74180
Finish: Polished Mahogany  
Bohemia Piano - Polished Mahogany - 2006
Bohemia Piano


Type: Grand
Built: 2006
Size: 5 foot 3 inches
Serial Number: 74405
Finish: Polished Mahogany 
Petrof Piano - White
Petrof Piano


Sale Price $6,900

Type: Grand
Built: 1997
Size: 5 foot 8 inches
Serial Number: 542452
Finish: White
All piano sales include a 1 year warranty on the playability of the piano. Maryland state sales tax and piano moving not included in listing price. 

Are you looking for a piano for your home, church or school? You may want to consider a used piano for its warmth and affordability. Many of the unique older styles are no longer being manufactured today. Our refurbishing and tuning skills make used models attractive to both new and experienced players. Call us for more information or to make an appointment.
We also buy used pianos. 

Years of Experience

When we added piano sales to our list of services, we already had solid experience moving, repairing and tuning them. From our beginnings in 1958, we've developed into a provider of nearly every service for pianos. We know quality in new pianos and come across plenty of used instruments that suit nearly any situation for affordable prices. Contact us for piano sales or if you are looking for a particular model. We might be able to find what you're looking for! 

Attention to Detail

Whether you're a seasoned musician, or a beginner who's just starting out, you want an instrument that will truly represent where you are on your path to musical excellence. And that's where our selection and expertise can help in choosing the right piano. We pay special attention to details when pairing piano, player and use of the instrument.
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