Why Bannar's Piano?

Why buy a piano from Bannar's Piano Service?

When it comes to piano sales, you will find a wide selection of high quality affordable used instruments that are refurbished to a fine condition. At Bannar's Piano Service we really understand pianos, inside and out, so we know the level of quality of each instrument we buy or sell. We can help choose or find the right piano for you and your home, church, school or special event.

With so many models and types of pianos, its nice to have and expert to help guide you! 
Stricker S.    08/06/2015
Scott knows everything about pianos, which is great when you need a piano tuner. He is also extremely honest, which is what you need when you enter the...

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What Customers Think:

Scott has been tuning my family's piano every 6 months for several years now. He is great to work with and does a great job. I enjoy my conversations with him. What a a true professional! From: google + (Nov. 2015)
Scott is prompt and professional. He sends a reminder when it's time for the piano to be tuned and schedules an appointment time that works with my schedule. He has been tuning our piano for 4-5 years and it always sounds great. I highly recommend him! From: Angie's List (Aug 2015)
Excellent. If there is a better piano tuner i'd like to meet him. Scott is absolutely the best. I have had piano technicians recommended by professors at the Eastman School and Peabody. Scott's if far and away the best. He is skilled, prompt, reliable and knowledgeable- everything you would want in a piano technician. A true expert; true craftsman. And a really nice person on top of all that. Could not recommend him more enthusiastically. From: Angie's List (Aug 2015)
Scott is professional and has many years of experience with pianos. He tunes and repairs them. This is important, because, as he taught us, tuning a piano won't fix the sticky keys. He works on a wide range of pianos, from basic to fancy, and makes you feel comfortable wherever you are in that range.
He is honest and does good work: he helped us bring our arthritic 30 year old piano back to life, giving us options that were smaller and inexpensive as well as ones that were more extensive. At his suggestion, we proceeded by starting small with the idea that there was no need to take on a very expensive repair if it wasn't needed. He also provided us with simple things we could do to maintain our piano. Watching him take the piano apart was fascinating and made it very clear that he knows exactly what he is doing. Our piano is a joy to play and a joy for our family now. From: Ylep (Feb 2016)
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